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Anita Sheth

Anita is the Senior Policy, Research and Advocacy Analyst at Fairtrade International. Having joined Fairtrade back in 2009, she is an expert on child and forced labour issues, including protection of children and vulnerable adults.

Prior to joining Fairtrade, Anita worked at Save the Children in Canada for eight years as its Senior Policy, Research and Advocacy Analyst.

She has a vast experience on policy and human rights issues, having worked as an expert advisor to the U.S. Department of Labour’s Cocoa and Child Labour Oversight Body, and has on many occasions attended workshops as a trainer to several U.S. Custom, Immigration and Law Enforcement workshops, including the Toronto Police, on human trafficking for forced labour purposes.

Her passion in championing human rights issues is evident in her published academic journals, speaking out on labour and human security issues in agricultural and extractive sectors, involving several countries in West and East Africa and South and Central America and as one of the board directors of Partnership Africa Canada that played a key role in the prevention and sale of conflict diamonds.

Anita is an Indian born, Canadian citizen, who has lived and studied in Malta and currently resides and works in Bonn, Germany.